Book Bits: This Book is Overdue! (Part III)

I’m almost finished reading This Book is Overdue!* by Marilyn Johnson, and there was another bit I found interesting in the “Gotham City” chapter.

During a visit to the Schomburg, the author learns about E. J. Josey. He was a librarian who was also an activist. In 1964 he spoke out “against ALA officers and staff for attending…the meetings of the four state library associations that still practiced segregation.” He also has a scholarship named after him.

Another not so fun fact in this chapter was a statistic that said only five percent of librarians were African American and three percent were Latino. Now why do you think that is?

It does at least explain why I’ve only met one African American librarian in my whole life.


*I’m purposely skipping one chapter.

2 thoughts on “Book Bits: This Book is Overdue! (Part III)

  1. One of my professors this semester has mentioned E.J. Josey as one of his mentors! I had never heard of him before this semester, so it’s cool to hear about Josey again here in your post. 🙂

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