library jobs

Circulation jobs with AACPL.

My job search has scratched up a perfect opportunity. I’m so applying for this. Feel free to give me advice on how to make my cover letter pop and my resume sing.

The deadline is December 7th and people they want to interview will know by December 22nd.

*crosses fingers*



4 thoughts on “Circulation jobs with AACPL.

  1. Score! 🙂 Looks like a great experience! (My first library job was in Circulation.) How does this fit in with library school? I assumed you were planning to take classes on campus. Is online a possibility, allowing you to stay local for a job like this one?

    • It doesn’t fit in with library school, not really. If I get into a school, I would have to leave the job. The only way it fits, is that it gives me approximately six months of experience in the library, and perhaps a place to come back to once school is finished.

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