ALA Midwinter Meeting.

I was checking in with my new best friend, the ALA website, and noticed an announcement for their midwinter meeting in January. From a quick glance, it looks like it’s a chance to network with other librarians, listen to authors, find job placements, and celebrate awards.

Seems like it could be fun. Folks will be tweeting from this event at #alamw12, so I’m going to “listen in” and see what it all about.

Are you going?


7 thoughts on “ALA Midwinter Meeting.

  1. Oh, I wish I could go! It’s the meeting where they pick all the award winners and such. I’ll be watching the Newberry and Printz announcements like a hawk. My big dream would be to be on one of those committees one day. They also have John Green as a speaker, and he’s one of my favorite authors EVER.

    And I see from your Twitter updates below that you just finished The Hunger Games…awesome!

    • Why can’t you go? Is it super expensive to attend? Does it conflict work?

      I did just finish The Hunger Games, so I went to the library to get book two and there were at least 20 holds on it. :-/

      • Only 20??? Lucky duck. I’m #190-something out of 200-something for the first book at my library. Maybe I should break down and buy it.
        Ooh, wait! Your blog page is snowing! How’d you do that???

      • I read books faster when I know I have to return them, so I prefer getting them at the library. Even though I thought the book was great, I wouldn’t buy it.

        The snow? I forget exactly how that happened. I was playing around on the dashboard with the appearance of my blog and there was a box you could click on to allow the snowfall during the winter/holidays.

  2. I can’t go because it’s too expensive. I’d have to fly and stay in a hotel. Schools have quit paying for staff development, so I’d have to pay for the conference out of pocket AND pay for a substitute teacher. It would end up costing me about 1/2 a month’s salary! I will go one day, but this year I’ve settled for the state conference. I went to the North Carolina School Library Association conference this fall, and I’ll go to the North Carolina Middle School Association conference in the spring.

  3. If you’re looking to really network, access the Career Placement Center, do the author meet & greets, and go to sessions, the Annual Conference is more bang for your buck. I’ve got to go to both (I’m on Committees) and Midwinter is def. more business and meeting focused.

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