Joining the ALA.

It’s been a few days since I paid the ALA website a visit, so I dropped in. Clicking on the “Membership” tab, I found out several reasons why people join. The reasons that resonated the most:

* Continuing Education

* Intellectual Freedom

* Networking

* Divisions and Roundtables

Concerning the last bullet, in order to join the divisions, you must first be a member of the ALA and pay both membership fees. So if I wanted to join the Young Adult Library Services Association, I need to pay the “friends” rate of $59 and another $25 for YALSA.

I’ll wait until I’m an MLS student before I join because the student rate is cheaper.


4 thoughts on “Joining the ALA.

  1. The main reason I can think of to join before library school is if some scholarships you apply for say you have to be an ALA member to be eligible. Otherwise, waiting until you’re a student makes sense. The student rate is awesome!

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