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Thinking about school libraries.

My Aunt Phyllis was talking to me a few days ago about teaching, library school, and the reasons why I should become a certified school librarian just in case my dream job isn’t available.

My Aunt Cheri also expressed some reservations about disappearing public libraries and about the stability of starting a career in this field.

They both got my mind buzzing and now I’m seriously considering becoming certified because I know public schools will still be around for a long time and hopefully school librarians too. Though I’ve seen how school librarians get axed when funding is cut.


4 thoughts on “Thinking about school libraries.

  1. Consider it…if you have the school library certification, you can get the experience you would need to transfer into your dream job as a YA librarian if you can’t get a job doing that right away. Leaving library school, I feel I could hold my own in an applicant pool for any library job I’d want. Even if you never use the certification, the skills you’d learn would be very helpful in your career.

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