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Visiting Des Plaines Public Library.

My new year started on the road, during a twelve hour impromptu-ish trek to Chicago and while I was in the area, I couldn’t resist visiting a library.

The Des Plaines Public Library is one of the biggest, nicest, public libraries I’ve ever been to. It has four floors and it looks like it was built recently. You know that stereotypical old book smell some libraries have? It doesn’t exist at Des Plaines.

The second floor is specifically for children and young adults and was the first place I stopped to look for books to read. I grabbed a few I saw on display, before moving up to the third floor.

This floor appeared to be geared towards adults, however I found a section for high school students, manga, and graphic novels. I took as many as I could carry and sat down in a comfortable chair near the information station.

Around 1:00pm I received an email reminder about a webinar I registered for, hosted by Andromeda Yelton and Tiffany Mair. I headed up to the fourth floor to get access to a computer and signed in as a guest.

After the webinar was over, it was time for me to leave. On my way out, I noticed that a lot more people, mostly young, had filled the library. It brought the whole place to life and it seemed to be a vibrant hub of the community. I bet it’s a great place to work.


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