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Volunteering Update (Part II).

The volunteer training for Howard County Public Library is just around the corner and I’m excited. I can’t remember which two branches I selected as my top choices, but I hope one of them was the Elkridge branch. I stopped by to return some books I picked up from the Central branch, and their staff was very helpful and nice.

Also the library closest to me sent an email to see if I was still interested in volunteering, and I’ll be meeting up with them on Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Volunteering Update (Part II).

  1. So I went to the meeting today and found out that I can’t volunteer at AACPL if I work there. However, they did talk to me for awhile and mentioned how many people applied for the same job I have now…let’s just say I feel very lucky/blessed/[insert what you want] to have been chosen out of so many applicants.

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