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Book Bits: The Giant’s House


Peggy Cort, the protagonist in The Giant’s House, is a public librarian who does not love humanity except for one over-tall boy.

I have only read a few chapters of this novel because of iSchool, work, volunteering, and everything in between. However, the chapters that I have completed, had a few judgments of librarians that stood out for me.

“Librarian…is one of those occupations that people assume attract a certain deformed personality.”

“It isn’t that bitter people become librarians; it’s that being a librarian may turn the most giving person bitter. We are paid all day to be generous, and no one recognizes our generosity.”

“Librarians lose reason when it comes to regulars, the good people, the readers.”

So what do you think? Agree, disagree, or something else?

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