Blog Anniversary

One year ago today, I started my little ole blog dedicated to my journey towards becoming a librarian.

I wasn’t sure how to make my librarian dreams come true, but I’m several steps closer now. I’ve got two different library jobs and I’m halfway through my first semester of library school. Plus I’m volunteering at the Smithsonian, an institution that potentially has my dream job.

What dream job, you might ask? Being a librarian at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Never mind that the building won’t even be completed until 2015, I’m already pining for it.



12 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary

  1. Looks like it’s going to be a nice facility. You will get that job at the Smithsonian. Just continue doing what you’re doing. Dreams ‘can’ come through. ๐Ÿ˜‡


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  2. Just keep your attention on it and it can’t help but manifest for you! Look at your life right now, everything you kept your attention on you have… Leaving Fresno (thoughts of that since you were 8) going to college you have 3 degrees, independent strong and totally Awesome!!!

  3. Yeah, happy anniversary! It’s great to be able to see how you went from the beginning to being in the full swing of becoming a Librarian.

  4. Happy anniversary, Evelyn! Wishing you well along your journey and looking forward to the day you announce your new career at the Smithsonian!

  5. Thank you Tamara. It is nice to document the process because I can see where I’ve been and where I’m heading.

    Thank you Duchess Cadbury. *curtsies*

    I can’t wait to make that announcement Andrea, that would be like the joy of a bazillion cupcakes.

    Sure will Miss B, one step at a time.

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