Old News (but Good News).

I was doing some research on internships at the Smithsonian and came across an old blog post from February 22, 2012. Is this day significant to you? Probably not, but that was the day they broke ground on the NMAAHC. The part that caught my eye was the last sentence about them selecting a new librarian within a year. This obviously means I can’t be selected, you know, because I won’t have my degree by then, and not the fact that I have zero experience in being a librarian.

However, another interesting part of that blog is that this library is going to be more accessible by the public. To me that means the librarian is going to need some staff, someone to handle circulation, interlibrary loan – stuff that a library technician might do. I can do that!

Guess who will be checking the Smithsonian’s job page on a regular, slightly obsessive basis?

This girl.

P.S. Check out this interview I did with Dope Reads.

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