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Spring Semester on the Horizon.

Next week library school classes start again, however I have an assignment for my LBSC 650 class that is due on the first day, so my break is officially over. The assignment is to write a two page paper which is to serve as our library autobiography.

I’m looking forward to taking LBSC 650 because it deals with reference services and that is the type of librarian I’d like to be, no matter which kind of library I end up in.

I’m also taking LBSC 601 (Users and Information Context) online because the in-class version had low enrollment and was canceled. I’ve never taken an online class before, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Off to write this paper. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Spring Semester on the Horizon.

  1. I’ve taken several on line classes (also in grad school) and I’ll say, keep up with the work. Many times I’ve forgotten I had a class online. Keep notes by your computer or somewhere you see regularly to keep you reminded. And don’t get backed up on the work. LOL. But enjoy it and make strong bonds with your classmates.It’s going to help.

  2. I agree. As long as you don’t fall behind they’re not bad. There are different kinds of set ups, with some offering more interaction than others, and can be quite fun as well.

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