Library Student Day in the Life.

I’m participating in Hack Library School’s Day in the Life Project (#HLSDITL). The purpose is to help prospective library school students know what it’s like to be in a program and for current students to connect with each other. I heard about it a bit too late, so I’m summarizing my week.

Monday: I went to volunteer job #1 at the Smithsonian, where I help behind-the-scenes with telephone reference.

Tuesday: I’m a part-time library intern at an academic library and had a morning shift. I started working on an entry for our recently reactivated library blog, helped students with printing, directions, research, and circulation.

I received an email from the other part-time job I have at a public library about two shifts they have available and I took one of them.

Wednesday: For this week, Wednesday is my Saturday. I take a writing workshop and I had a dentist appointment, but both were cancelled because of snow. The snow barely did anything, but it did give me time to create a rough outline, and the first page of a ten-page paper that’s due in my LBSC 601 class next week.

Thursday: Volunteer job #2 at the Smithsonian. I’m a library assistant and I primarily worked on indexing different journals of African art. I sent the Head Librarian my newest version of research I’ve done on an African artist for an upcoming Artist Book exhibition.

I also went to my LBSC 650 class. We received our graded papers, participated in an almanac activity, watched a few video snippets that kicked off a discussion, and the lecture was – in a nutshell – about the future of library reference. I included one of the videos below.

Friday: Hasn’t happened yet, but I go back to the academic library and will probably do similar things, in addition to being the one to close the library down at the end of my shift.

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