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My Dream Job

I may have mentioned once or fifty-eleven times, that working as a librarian at the forthcoming National Museum of African American History and Culture, was my dream job. It doesn’t open officially until 2015, so I was hoping that I would have time to at least have my MLS (and more supervisory experience) before this job opened up:


I clearly don’t qualify for this job now but, I can tailor the rest of my time at library school to prepare myself for this job. Plus, if the job is looking for a supervisory librarian, they need to supervise someone and that someone could be…well you already know. 🙂

Shout out to Monique for sending me a link of this job announcement.

7 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. Hey, I saw this ad and thought of you too. I thought you supervise student workers at the college? 2015 will be here before you know it. You got this supervising things handled. Good luck with your studies. I am torturing myself again for one more semester.

  2. I think you should apply anyway and see what happens, and of course be on the lookout for internships and other positions from the museum. You never know what could happen. 🙂

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