In Search of a Theme

Okay, so I’ve had a YouTube channel for at least three years, maybe longer. However, I have yet to figure out a way to focus it so that it’s meaningful enough for me to stay interested in keeping it updated, and unique enough to encourage people to visit.

I’ve tried having book discussions, fawning over book covers, sharing postcards and other random things like putting books in different situations. None of it stuck.

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I want to try again, but I’m not sure what type of videos I should feature.  I want it to be literary, I want it to be library, I want it to be another l word, like lovely or luscious, and I don’t want the videos to be too long (I’m talking three minutes max).

For example, Tracee Ellis Ross does these “For the Love of…” videos, that are quick, fun, and get her subscribers involved. Here’s an example of “For the Love of Boots”:

What videos would you want to see?

7 thoughts on “In Search of a Theme

    • That might be doable and calling them “Overlooked Books” sounds good to the ear, and it could be modified into genres, like “Overlooked Books: Poetry” or “Overlooked Books: Memoirs.” I did a Google search to see who is already doing this and it turned up about 8,000+ hits, but in the first few pages I looked through, no one actually used that title. And this is an idea that could be meme’d by other fans of books.

  1. How about progress on the African American National Museum Smithsonian? 😳
    How close is it from opening and such.

  2. “Overlooked Books” is a great idea. With thousands of new books published each year there is no way to keep up, so thoughtful recommendations would be invaluable. I love it when books I would never have chosen myself become new favorites.

    • Okay, I’m starting to really dig this idea too, but I feel like I need some statistic to support the fact that book has been overlooked by the masses. Like, maybe it never made the New York Best Sellers list or something.

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