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Ads on Toilet Tissue and Other Things

Most of my #SummerReading is strictly fiction, but as a member of the ALA, I receive a copy of American Libraries magazine and I’ve read some of the articles to keep abreast of current trends in libraryland.

Now I’m not a fan of ads while watching tv, in fact I like DVRing as much as I can so I can fast-forward through, but if ads in the library help keep library staff from getting fired (and the ads are appropriate), it doesn’t seem like a horrible idea. According to the article, a library received free toilet paper in exchange for the ads printed on the tissue. I can see how that could free up a tight library budget.

On the flip side as a patron, if there were ads on the tissue, to be totally honest I wouldn’t want to use it, for reasons. Ask your mother, or ask mine why not. However, if I did use it, I wouldn’t read it anyway, so it’s a win for the library. A different library had ads on the back of due-date slips. I barely read those either when I get them at the grocery store, but I will look for the occasional coupon on a favorite product. There are ethical issues to consider, but if the choice were up to me, I’d rather have the ads versus having to cut library hours or staff.


From Star Toilet Paper

There was a separate article about how to market audiobooks in the library. I don’t understand. Do people not love audiobooks? They are perfect for a long commute. The article gave some good ideas on how to market them (teacher and parent buy-in being one), but the fact that the article is in there leads me to believe that audiobooks aren’t popular. If there’s one thing I learned from being a teacher is that everybody loves a good story read aloud to them depending on who is reading it.

Information about The ALA Annual conference, which I unfortunately won’t be attending, occupied a big chunk of the issue. I would hit up the graphic novel exhibit/area if I were going, and be interested in listening to Alice Walker too.


…and shout-out to Courtney Young for being voted in as the new president of the ALA. It was nice to see the announcement made at the beginning of the magazine. Perhaps one of these days I’ll be able to feature her as a highly textured librarian. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Ads on Toilet Tissue and Other Things

  1. I’ve heard of ads on the urinal cakes too…maybe we should get those, might help improve the *ahem* aim of some of our patrons. But seriously, I agree with you. Plus, ads on toilet paper or receipts would also be a great way to team up with local businesses (though partnerships like this are usually handled by Friends groups or Foundations).

    I think a lot of the audiobook like/dislike comes from if you are a good listening learner. There are people who just can’t retain information if they hear it, they need to read it. And I can’t tell you how many parents sorta give me a look when I offer the audiobook version of a novel to their kid, like it’s some kind of blasphemy. Same look they give when you try to give the kids a graphic novel. It’s a good story, let them enjoy it however they can.

  2. I love audio books but our library doesn’t have a very good selection.

    I just roll my eyes these days and let out a loud ragged sigh when confronted by all the ways kids are not supposed to interact with writing. Graphic novels can be the tinder that sets fire to a life long love of reading. Hearing is so much more powerful for some than seeing. Forgive me, but I hate purists. I have worked with struggling readers for many years and success happens when you find what they need.

    As for ads on toilet paper, I can’t think of a more appropriate place to put them!

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