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Happy National Information Literacy Month

I recently wrote – like a few hours ago – a paper on information literacy for one of my library school classes. Turns out President Obama declared October as National Information Literacy Month in 2009. I would add a hyperlink to so you can read it for yourself, but with the government shutdown, the link might be broken.


In your opinion, is information literacy a human right?

6 thoughts on “Happy National Information Literacy Month

  1. The link works (as of 7:30am) but it has a note saying that with the shutdown the information may not be as timely as it ought to be. I work on the collegiate level and information literacy is huge problem for me. Students don’t know how to find anything of educational use, nor do they know how to use it once it’s gotten. The told me they get most of their news/information from their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

  2. Everyone needs to be taught how to evaluate online sources, even if it’s just looking online to find out if you can eat that chicken that has been sitting in your fridge for a few days – I trust the FDA site over Yahoo answers. I’ve helped too many people who don’t know that Google is just a search engine, or that you need to actually click through on the links and read the website to find the answer to your search.

    How do we teach them? How do we reach them? How do we make them understand? To me, this is where the real digital divide is now. While most people have access to the internet, either in their homes or through work or school or the library – less than we would expect actually understand what they are doing when they click on the browser icon.

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