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This is When the Resolutions Roll Out.

After reading Hack Library School’s post about library student resolutions, I figure I should make a few of my own.

  1. Get good grades. I’ve been doing well with this thus far, yes thus. Got two A’s for the fall semester. Toot, toot!
  2. Learn the new job. My new library associate job starts in a week so there’s a lot to learn, but I need to allow myself to make mistakes too and not set expectations for myself that are unreasonable.
  3. Attend a library conference. I need to pass out some of these cute business card I bought. Actually, conferences are great ways to get a feel of what the current issues are in libraries, along with professional development and networking.
  4. YouTube! One of the classes I took in the fall made me see the lack of programing available specifically for LGBTQ teens and I had the idea of doing a storytime on YouTube that focused on queer lit, so I need to stop thinking about it and do it.
  5. Continue highly textured. I miss featuring library folks on my blog. I need to hustle harder to find people to share with y’all. I also thought I could extend it to writers too, so I have more people to ask. Ooo, and what about highly textured patrons?

Have you set any resolutions for yourself? Library or otherwise?


7 thoughts on “This is When the Resolutions Roll Out.

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  2. You have a fascinating year ahead! I’m excited for you. I attended my first library conference as a presenter a couple of years ago and I was absolutely nerve wracked! But they were the best audience ever. It ended up being an hour of scintillating conversation and then I was free to enjoy any of the rest of the conference I wanted. I was given a fascinating glimpse of a vision of the libraries of the 21st century and learned about services our State Library system offered than I ever dreamed possible. I love that you are pursuing this path!

  3. This is amazing! And number 4 is a great idea – I wish you the best with that. I’ll definitely try to recommend any LGBTQ lit that I find to you, and I’ll have to work on my own resolutions list.

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