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Learned something new (the hard way).

Okay, so I’ve been semi-stalking the financial area on Testudo, looking for that refund check,  to make sure my class is paid for and such. Classes start tomorrow, and the financial aid hasn’t kicked in.

I didn’t know your financial aid gets cut unless you take six credits minimum. So guess who added another class in the 11th hour? Me. My schedule is going to be nightmare-ish for the next few months, but you know what Tim Gunn says…

make it work!

10 thoughts on “Learned something new (the hard way).

  1. My comment has to do with your nightmare! I cried after reading that (not to make you feel any kind of way) but your life surely matters! Even though it may not matter to some,it matters to me and it matters to most😔 The world is definitely in a state of confusion. However through this confusion love will surely prevail! People will have to change first this is true. But we refused to go backwards. We can only go forward. God’s light will surely shine through the darkness and I believe this is the process that we are living right now the light will shine through this ugly darkness that we see. You will see that your life does matter. And you will see it in my lifetime! Mother loves you💞 you matter to me right now!

    • I would normally tell you not to cry, but tears are appropriate in this circumstance. My life matters to you and handful of friends and family – to me also – but I think most is a stretch. I don’t think the world is confused, it seems pretty consistent. That light you see, I don’t see, but I rather you be right. Your optimism keeps me tethered to this world.

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