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A Little Bit of Morrison Redeems

I finished that paper for INST 612. I had no joy for that paper. The only redeeming quality of writing that paper – perhaps there are more that I am unaware of – was that I learned a little bit more about Toni Morrison in the process.

Morrison wrote on behalf of Alice Randall’s book The Wind Done Gone back in 2001, and I used a piece of what she said in my paper (about copyright). I also found out inadvertently that she’s worth 24 million dollars.  Must be nice.


8 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Morrison Redeems

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Toni Morrison is a literary spiritual goddess and I love reading about her. In regards to Octavia Butler, I never heard of her until last year. Perhaps the lack of fan fiction is due her lack of exposure. As a writer of science fiction, she does not fit the stereotypical science fiction author profile: nerdy, male, white. Her works can not be categorized easily in bookstores nor talked about in a straightforward way. She does not necessarily fit the mainstream Black author category (Connie Briscoe), nor is she inspirational/Christian fiction (Kimberla Lawson), literary fiction (Toni Morrison), or erotica (Zane). Instead she is a black woman addressing issues of race, class, religion, and sexism in science fiction books. She is a literary anomaly which makes her awesome, but someone that most people will not read if they are used to reading within their genres. Non-science fiction readers may assume she has nothing to offer them, and science fiction readers may wonder why she continues to bring up social/cultural issues in her work.

    • I’m sure that her not being as popular as some of the other sci-fi writers has a lot to do with it. Sci-fi, unless it’s a movie, doesn’t seem to get a lot of circulation in general. At least it doesn’t at my library. Children and young adults are more willing to check one out.

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