Database Presentation Assignment


I can’t seem to avoid doing presentations in just about all of my library classes. My User Instruction (LBSC 702) is no exception. We all had to present a database of our choice for ten minutes. I’m glad it’s over with, but the one positive point of doing this assignment is that I got a chance to explore Oxford African American Studies Center’s database. The scenario I presented to the class was of a 9th grade class visiting their high school media specialist for research help for a paper on the writers of the Harlem Renaissance.

8 thoughts on “Database Presentation Assignment

  1. Congratulations on your successful User Instruction presentation. My Adv Ref course just finished this module in the social services. We ran out of time before my instruction, and I managed to twist the arm of a real professor to have me in for her real class next week. Now I get to perform the 20 min class assignment and the 1 hour actual instruction in the same week! I think I’m nuts and you are doing great!

    • LOL! If I would have escaped having to do the presentation because class time ran out, I wouldn’t have been brave/extroverted enough to ask another professor if I could do it for their class. You must be awesome. 🙂

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