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Springshare Presentation on FAQs

I gave an online PowerPoint presentation yesterday on creating FAQs in Springshare for a small group of librarians in Delaware. The presentation was for the field study I’m taking (LBSC 707). One of the projects I’ve worked on for my field study supervisor is testing out Springshare, which will be used exclusively (I think) by March instead of QuestionPoint. Presenting online was a lot less anxiety inducing than speaking in front of live people, but I still prepared a script to help me stay focused. It wasn’t too bad. Actually, it went well, which is good, because it was recorded for the people who weren’t able to attend the staff meeting.

Paul Watson

from blogMLS

My last big assignment for this class is on December 10th, where I will have to do a Poster presentation on my experience with my field study. I’ve never done this type of presentation before, but blogMLS has a few examples that I can use as models.

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