All Done (for the Semester).

By 11:59pm tonight, I will officially be done with the semester. My last assignment is to write my teaching philosophy. Teaching philosophy? Sounds strange right, being that I’m in school to be a librarian, by my User Instruction class focused on teaching information literacy skills, so there is a librarian connection in there. And since today is the last day of the semester I will hopefully get back to meeting my Fitbit step goals. I didn’t think getting 10,000 steps a day was making a difference, but after weeks of not having enough time to do it, I can tell…

P.S. The poster presentation I had to give at the Experiential Learning Expo went better than I had imagined.

15 thoughts on “All Done (for the Semester).

    • Ha, you wouldn’t if you saw what I wrote. I’m better one-on-one than I am with large groups. That’s basically what I said in the paper, that I like to have an organic conversation with patrons and walk them through their information needs at their own pace.

      • That’s okay. “Having an organic conversation with patrons and walking them through their information needs at their own pace” is a great teaching style. Why you like that method and why it works for you is your philosophy. I didn’t take User Instruction so I would love to read more from you and your followers on this topic.

      • Congrats on the end of semester! I don’t mind large groups…too much. But I just started doing some one-on-one consultations at my current library, helping researchers and students getting started with searching. I’m with you…I like this better. lol

        Nice poster too!

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