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The #CharlestonSyllabus

Last night on Twitter I noticed Cecily tweeting with the hashtag #CharlestonSyllabus.


I looked at the hashtag and saw that as a result of the Charleston Massacre, a professor decided to get people involved with creating a reading list.



And then a list of books/articles were generated from other professors who noticed what they were doing, many of them including the links.


Popular hashtags can get cluttered quickly – and once the bots and trolls infiltrate, it gets even worse. A member of the AAIHS decided to compile the hashtag into an organized list.


Twitter can be an amazing source of quality information. I’m happy there were librarians like Cecily who were ready to assist in helping with citations, book recommendations, data entry, and everything else. You have to find joy where you can, otherwise the fear and anger from constantly seeing people who look like you being murdered can swallow you whole.