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Weeding the 000s

It’s time to send a few more books on to a deluxe apartment in the sky, but this time, the books come from the computer science & information section.


The Dream Machine (004.16) has clearly been hitting the snooze button because it hasn’t moved off the shelf since July 2013. Well, J.C.R. Licklider if your involvement with human-computer symbiosis had anything to do with making laptops and smart phones happen, then I appreciate you.


Talking Back to Facebook (004.67) has a foreword by Chelsea Clinton, but it doesn’t appear to have helped with circulation. It’s been in the library for less time than Waldrop’s, but has left the library five times; The Dream Machine, left three times in ten years. (I don’t even know how it lasted in the library for that long).


Ping Fu’s book – from skimming and reading the summary – should have be placed in the 900s because it reads more like a memoir. However, she is the founder and CEO of Geomagic, so perhaps that’s how she ended up at 004.092. Bend, Not Break is the circulation winner out of these three books, with eight check-outs. And we have two copies of this book at our branch, so if I include both, then it goes up to seventeen.

Like RuPaul would say, Sashay away.

7 thoughts on “Weeding the 000s

  1. Ping Fu’s book is outstanding! I think Forbes did an article on it that caused me to purchase it and I suggested it for a diversity reading group at my GSLIS library. Afterwards, I met Ping Fu at the 2013 ALA Annual Convention. She gave away autographed books! It is definitely a memoir and was actually quite controversial with respect to her recount of her experience during the Chinese Revolution. Please do what you can to have it re-catalogued. It’s an excellent read for historical significance, for inspiration to women and girls in STEM fields, and succeeding despite real or perceived disadvantage.

  2. I really appreciate your blog. I love to read but there’s so much drivel out there and I hate to waste my time because I like to buy books not get them from the library, then I can take my time with them. By the way…what’s your opinion of the book “Behold A Pale Horse” by Milton Cooper. My 27 year old son SWEARS it’s one of the most amazing books he’s ever read.

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