highly textured librarian

Hair Questions at the Information Desk. 

I get questions about my hair at the information desk. I’d like to think it’s because my hair is super fabulous, but I suspect that isn’t the only reason. If I had to gauge based on the comments folks make, it would range between wonderment and space oddity. Or nosiness. Or curiosity if you want to feel better about your nosiness. To be honest, most times it feels like prying because I don’t want to be the subject of your reference questions. My least favorite question = “Is your hair real?”

rihanna annoyedHowever, there are folks who are genuinely asking because they want help with their own hair. I created this post for them.

Products I use:

Hair Tutorials:


Wah-lah! All of my secrets are now yours. I leave you with this video from Lianne La Havas who has some awesome highly textured hair.