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Technology in the Library: Past and Present 

We had a program a few weeks ago where we displayed some of the technology that’s currently available, next to the technology of yesterday.    Like typewriters – manual and electric – compared to an iPad with a wireless keyboard.

eBooks, playaways, and print books.

  Do you remember when computers looked like this?

  And rotary phones!!! With a side of Polaroid camera.

I don’t even know what this is. Kidding. The object on the left is a fine calculator, the pamphlet in the middle is a bibliographic services document (imagine it as old school Google), a date stamp is at the bottom, and the needle is used to search through the McBee cards.

I think my favorite was seeing the manual typewriter. I want one. The rotary phone also stirred up some memories of my grandma, she had one that looked just like that. Technology has come a long way. It’s amazing to think that kids born in 2015 might only see some this technology in museums or online. I’m officially old.

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