Micro Time

I know poetry is not everybody’s thing. I’m sure that most libraries and bookstores you’ve been to have a small poetry section. Poetry is one of my things, but I still read way more fiction.  Side note: I don’t remember seeing any poetry arcs available while I was at #PLA2016.

But it’s National Poetry Month, and if April is the only time you read poetry, I have a list of micro poems from The Offing that are short and sweet. No. They aren’t sweet, but they are short. Short and good.

None of these poems will take more than a minute or two to read. You’ll probably read them twice. And while you’re over there digging around, read the poem they published on my birthday.

2 thoughts on “Micro Time

  1. I wasn’t aware it was poetry month, good thing then that in a few days Kate Tempest’s “Hold Your Own” will get here so I can read it. Do you listen to slam poetry? There are so many good poems there and I love to listen to them whenever I am doing other things.

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