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PLA(Y) 2016

Attending the PLA Conference was more fun than anything, even though it is a professional conference for public librarians.  

This was my first time  attending the conference, it happens biannually, and this year it was in Denver.   

Anderson Cooper was the opening speaker and he was entertaining. He talked about his relationship with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt – who I had to Google, but everyone in the audience seemed to know. Anderson was good, but Vernā Myers and her Big Ideas resonated for me and was more connected to issues with public libraries. 

In between the sessions, I went to visit the exhibitors. Of course my favorite ones were the book publishers with their free books. I got a chance to meet and get books signed by Jewell Parker Rhodes and Terry McMillian.     

I didn’t even take all the books I could have, but I was worried my luggage would be too heavy. I need to give some of them away.  

I went to a session that helped with readers advisory for teens, that had ratings that parents will probably enjoy. I also went to a great session about microaggressions, and an informative session that on racial equity and social justice.   

My birthday happened while I was at the conference. I found out later that one of my poems was published on my birthday too. What a treat! 

In an effort to force myself to be a tiny bit social, I volunteered to take pictures for Librarian Wardrobe. See the pictures here

So…how was PLA for you?

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