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Keeping Track of What I Read: April

1. Clay’s Ark by Octavia E. Butler (Novel).

2. Black Panther, #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Brian Stelfreeze, Laura Martin (Comic book).

3. Delicious Foods by James Hannaham (Novel).

4. Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler (Novel).

I did it again. I didn’t keep a record of the things I read this month. Assume I read a bunch of poems in honor of poetry month, one of which was Warsan Shire’s poem “for women who are difficult to love” and Nicole Sealy’s poem “Object Permanence.” I also read a handful of articles about Prince and Beyoncé, more than a handful actually (and a few Drake articles). I gave up on a few books, and started Helen Oyeyemi‘s latest collection of short stories. 

What are you reading?

8 thoughts on “Keeping Track of What I Read: April

      • It’s a great book! This is my third time reading it.. unless I’ve lost count. The first, My Soul to Keep, is sad. However, all four books in the Living Blood series are riveting – thrillers, love stories, and sociological commentary all at once, in addition falling within the speculative fiction genre.

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