HTL Book Club

Last Saturday I attended the National Book Festival. An idea hit me while I was listening to Jacqueline Woodson’s panel discussion with Jay McInerney.


The exact words fail me, but she was talking about Another Brooklyn and how the main character, August, went from having a close knit group of girl friends, to having none in adulthood. The book is an exploration of girlhood and friendships and Brooklyn – Bushwick to be specific. And without being spoiler-y, it’s clear in the story how this type of progression can happen, friendships breaking or fading off until nothing is there. It made me think of how my friendships have evolved/dissolved and it made me question how one creates a new friendship as an adult.

When I was young, I became friends with the people who were at my school. It was an organic process which didn’t require much effort. The core friends I made in elementary school, were still my friends by the time we graduated high school. In college, it was a similar situation. My closest friends I met because we were all a part of this group of STEM majors for Blacks and Latinos, and even after two of us switched majors (myself included), we still did everything together. It’s been hard to stay connected to those friends though, since I moved away from California.

Me, Noni, and Simone – The Three Amigos

How do you create a new friendship as an adult? The way that I’ve seen a lot of adults do it is by forming bonds with coworkers, but that’s not my cup of tea. I like to keep work at work. For reasons. Good ones.

I’m going to try doing it with a book club. It worked for me in the past, it couldn’t hurt to try it again. I reached out to handful of folks that I met from featuring them as a highly textured librarian to see if they were interested in joining. I’m excited! Let’s see what happens.








10 thoughts on “HTL Book Club

  1. I feel like this is something we all struggle with and a really good idea! I hope the people you reached out to respond and join in the fun! It can be really hard to find friends as an adult and you are smart to make that first move and invite people to come “play” with you. 🙂

  2. Yes, I really get what you mean. My bestie is now in Texas and we don’t get together often enough. I think this book club could work. I also think it’s common to not have lots of friend in adulthood.

      • Sometimes I think it’s more about competition than friendships. I can’t speak for all, but friendships in adulthood have to be more intentional. I think we find friendships based on interest but finding a balance between work is like having another job. I am staying optimistic.

  3. For me, it’s fellow moms, book club, church, and exploring other interests. So the book club seems like a good idea!

    I, too, like to keep work and friendship separate. Sometimes I can’t help but make friends at work, but I prefer for my core friends to not be coworkers for probably the same good reasons as you.

    Best of luck with the book club!

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