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Poetry in Twelve

Hello March!

At the beginning of 2017, while setting my 52 book Good Reads challenge, I promised myself 12 of those books had to be poetry. That also means I’m going to buy more books that usual this year. Public libraries don’t carry as many poetry collections in comparison to fiction. Interlibrary loan helps, but not always. Besides, I want to support these 12 poets financially. They don’t call it the po’ biz for nothing. Two of the three books I’ve read so far – reading one a month – I had to buy due to lack of library access. The one I could borrow was by Vievee Francis. However, I had the opportunity to get Forest Primeval signed at the Hurston/Wright Awards ceremony, so I bought it.


For February, I read Morgan Parker’s collection. I was excited to read her collection because I read Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night (from the library) and liked it. She did not disappoint. I do enjoy a pop-culture reference with a side of depression and isolation.

Next, I picked up Equilibrium by Tiana Clark. I saw her poems at Muzzle and The Offing and felt I could vibe with a chapbook full of similar poems. I was right. The Daddy poems resonated like a mutha.


Not sure which collection I’ll read for April, but my two choices are i be, but i ain’t or I’m So Fine. Whichever one doesn’t get read in April, will be read in May.

Side note: I also read The Sobbing School, but I don’t feel right counting it since I borrowed it from the library, but if Joshua comes to the DMV, I will show up to the reading and buy the book.

What should I read in June?

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