What happened ten years ago?

I’ve been watching the Twitters and seeing the folks I follow share decade (or end of the year) reflections. It’s made me want to do the same, at the very least I wanted to do that 2009 picture versus 2019 to participate. It was difficult to find a picture though and after doing some digging, I figured out it’s because I hacked my locs off late December of 2008. Soon after that, I went to a barber who gave me a teeny weeny Afro, because my hair was in disarray after I put the scissors in there. I was not feeling it. Makes sense that I wasn’t taking many pictures to document the beginning of the new year.

I have very little memory of it though. My brain deleted it, but I found a grainy photo or two by looking in my gmail account, which I found out, I opened in January of 2009. Had a hotmail account before that. Looking at old emails reminded me that I had a different blog before this one – also started in 2009 – and I found a handful of posts from that year that gave me a reminder of what 2009 was for me. It was clearly a year of chaotic transformation, sadness, and luckily a few moments that kept me from drowning. It also served as a reminder, that in addition to online blogging, I kept composition books to journal in. They had a lot more information that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing on the internet, of course.

I could only handle visiting 2009 for a short period of time, but it was good to see that by the end of 2019, I definitely accomplished a few things I can be proud of. All I could think about after seeing other people’s reflections, was that I had been standing still or aimlessly spinning in circles. Glad to see that I have been taking steps forward.

One thought on “What happened ten years ago?

  1. I totally understand not wanting to linger in 2009. I had a similar experience of “oh this meme is fun, I want to play” only to open my photos and be reminded of the total chaos my life was at that time. But at least I made it through. Glad you did too 🙂

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