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Well, well, well

It might be time to dust off this blog. I haven’t been journaling offline, so perhaps writing here might help me get back in the habit. I recently received a promotion at my job and I’m hoping that this will give me content to discuss.

Or maybe I’ll just talk about my new quarantine obsession: skincare. Skin can be highly textured too. 🤓🙃 I’m not sure how it started, but I’m sure the pandemic was the catalyst. Being at home 90% of the time because I’m teleworking probably triggered it too.

Side note: I am a big fan of telework! My introverted heart isn’t mad at all with more time at home. It would be better to have found this out during better circumstances, but here we are.

You know what has been super difficult for me to do with having more time at home? Reading. It doesn’t make sense. I have more time in the day because my commute to work is gone, so time isn’t the issue. It’s my brain. I’m not too worried about it – I know everyone is reacting differently to the stress of this moment – but it is worth noting. I plan on using a timer soon, to force myself to read for 15 minutes a day. It’s worked in the past with writing.

Speaking of reading, I have two overdue library books that I need to turn in. How is that even possible? Forgot. What’s funnier is that even when I worked at a public library I turned in books late. A shame. 🤓

Stay safe out there. Hope to be back on here soon.

4 thoughts on “Well, well, well

  1. Congrats on the promotion!

    My reading has also slowed way down but mostly because I only want to read fun, light things and I don’t trust new reads to deliver on that. The timer is a great idea! I hope it helps.

    Welcome back 😀

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