April Empties

This month I finished a handful of serums.

The only one I’d buy again for sure is the LI Effector because my skin likes licorice root and most of the other products I have that include it, have it further down on the ingredients list. The other two serums weren’t bad, but the niacinamide seemed to be doing most of the discoloration work and I moved up to a higher percentage of granactive retinoid.

I also finished two sunscreens and a cleanser. I loved the texture and application of the Soothe Bamboo Essence, but apparently it’s not giving the amount of protection it claims on the bottle. The Cerave had me looking like Casper, so I used it on my body to finish it. The cleanser smelled too…uh, gamy for me to enjoy and didn’t lather up at all. Psychologically, I need that lather in order to feel like my face is clean.


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