Skincare Goals

I have a few skincare goals for 2022. The first one is to find a holy grail sunscreen. I’ve tried a bunch of sunscreens, but none that I love. The Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid is very close to being my favorite, but it’s $33. The Relief Sun : Rice + Probiotics is also close to being a favorite, except it gathers in my neck folds. I ordered some Korean sunscreens and hopefully one of them will be a winner. My ideal holy grail would be under 20 dollars, have zero white cast, not pill, and be lightweight.

Another skincare goal I have is seeking professional help from a dermatologist & esthetician. I’ve already started to get some laser hair removal treatments, but I also want to start getting facials as well, and see what recommendations they might have to fix some hyperpigmentation.

And my third goal is to be consistent with eye care. I normally just add my face moisturizer to my eye area, along with sunscreen, but that’s about it. My mom got me eye patches for Christmas, so that should help, but I also plan to use targeted eye creams too.

Do you have any skincare goals for this year?


One thought on “Skincare Goals

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