I Still Don’t Believe It

I finished the final for my last library school class on Monday. Graduation is next week. Then I’m done.

Does that mean the librarian dream is over once I have my degree? Does the degree make you the librarian, or does the the job title make you the librarian? If you think it’s the title, then the librarian dream isn’t over and I still have a few more steps to before I cross that finish line.

And then what?

On another note, I got a thank you letter from an elementary school I visited recently for career day. I had some feels.

Ch-ch-ch-changes (with my Classes)

Yeah, so I thought I was taking one class this semester and I thought that one class was going to be on young adult literature, but everything has changed. I’m taking two classes: Information Policy and Children’s Services in Public Libraries. I’m entering the third week of classes and so far the Children’s Services class is waaaaay more interesting and practical, since I work at a public library (that’s starting a brand new early literacy push in March). The Children’s Services class will cover the process of planning a program at the library, which is exactly the experience I need. Now I have a good excuse to read more picture books.


Learned something new (the hard way).

Okay, so I’ve been semi-stalking the financial area on Testudo, looking for that refund check,  to make sure my class is paid for and such. Classes start tomorrow, and the financial aid hasn’t kicked in.

I didn’t know your financial aid gets cut unless you take six credits minimum. So guess who added another class in the 11th hour? Me. My schedule is going to be nightmare-ish for the next few months, but you know what Tim Gunn says…

make it work!

My library class is looming.

I got an alert from ELMS – which is UMD’s version of Blackboard – that the syllabus and other knickknacks, are available for LBSC 646 (Literature and Materials for Young Adults) this spring semester. I searched my library’s catalog to see if I could check out the textbook instead of paying for it, but it wasn’t there and it’s not available on interlibrary loan either. Dang. UMD has the book at McKeldin, but I’ll probably end up renting it, so I can keep it for the whole semester.


There’s going to be a lot of reading of YA fiction for this class: American Born Chinese, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Speak, The Outsiders and about fifteen more. Something I noticed on the syllabus is that it’s a hybrid class, so some of our meetings will be online only. Yay to cutting down on my commute. Plus, there aren’t any 20 page research papers for this class.:-) Seems like it’s going to be a fun class.

All Done for the Semester.

I finished my two research papers. Yay! I only liked one of them, but hey, I don’t have to like everything I write. My last day of classes is today. I can’t imagine a lot of people are going to show up since we have already turned in our papers, but I’m going to go anyway. I’ll probably need those participation points for the unlikeable paper class.

I have a few weeks before my new library associate job starts, so I can catch up on some reading (and some writing). I have a big back…log.

Photo from Juniper Books

Photo from Juniper Books