Setting New Goals

Three years ago when I was in the beginning stages of obtaining my MLS degree, my five year plan included getting a job as a librarian. I didn’t expect to find a job three months after graduating, but I’m glad it worked out that way. Since I’ve hit that goal early it’s time to set some new goals. The first goal is to learn how to do my current job proficiently. I have a lot of training already lined up that will help with gaining supervisory skills, programming, etc. Experience has been the best teacher for me, so anything that training doesn’t clarify, time will fix. I’m giving myself two years to become proficient. I suppose the goal after that is to figure out if Librarian I is as far as I want to go, or if I want to keep moving up – and I haven’t forgot about NMAAHC. The third goal is totally outside of library-land, and that’s to write regularly and to submit my work to different literary journals. I’ve done a little bit of this already, all rejections at this point, but I’ll keep trying.

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