Library Combos

After reading this article about a libromat – a library/laundromat combo – it got me to thinking about other mashups that would be mutually beneficial. Gymbrary – Fitness for the mind and fitness for the body. I can imagine that gym patrons might come to the library to supplement their fitness, for example, picking up an illustrated book of yoga poses. The gym could entice … Continue reading Library Combos


Technology in the Library: Past and Present 

We had a program a few weeks ago where we displayed some of the technology that’s currently available, next to the technology of yesterday.    Like typewriters – manual and electric – compared to an iPad with a wireless keyboard. eBooks, playaways, and print books.   Do you remember when computers looked like this?   And rotary phones!!! With a side of Polaroid camera. I don’t even … Continue reading Technology in the Library: Past and Present 

A Small Hankering

It’s been about six months since I graduated, six months since I’ve had to write a research paper. And guess what? I sort of want to write one. Only problem is that without an assignment, I have no idea what to write.   I received an email about an open access journal called The Active Librarian and it would be the perfect place to write an … Continue reading A Small Hankering

Keeping Track of What I Read: October

“This Is How You Become an Editor” by mensah demary (Online article). “Out of Print: June Jordan” by Doreen St. Felix (Online article). “It Is Feeding” by Michael Carey (Flash fiction). “This Week in Fiction: Lesley Nneka Arimah on Imagining a Universe of Handcrafted Babies” by Deborah Treisman (Online article). “My Hero: Toni Morrison” by Marlon James (Online article). “Under the Udala Trees, by Chinelo … Continue reading Keeping Track of What I Read: October