Raid my Library

There’s not much between me and you besides this sentence, a paper card, this intake of breath.

Ander Monson

I’m reading this book, which is a collection of short essays that have the feeling of prose poems. The essays are inspired by library memorabilia/scraps. 

Going through a loved one’s books after they have passed, we might find their mind alive again in marginalia.

Ander Monson

Something in his words made me think about my personal library and the notes, underlines, and page creases in the books that I own. It also made me think about how my bookshelves are bursting and I need to weed some of them out so I can give new books a home.

So do you want any of these books? I’ll mail them to you, free of charge. If not, I’m slipping them in one of those book donation bins. I’ll probably do this a few times, because I have a lot of other books that need their freedom, so if you don’t see anything you like now, check back later.

* Update: 12/21 2:30pm Both books by bell hooks have been claimed.

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