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Success on My Literary Goals

I committed to four literary goals for 2020 and I’m happy to report that I was semi-successful with all of them.

The first one was to take a writing workshop. I took four! And it would have been five, but one was canceled due to Covid-19. I really enjoyed the community that two of my workshop leaders were able to create: Chet’la Sebree and Rosebud Ben-Oni. I was able to revise a few poems and write some new ones too.

Which brings me to my second goal, to write & revise ten new poems. I fell a little short and wrote nine. Out of those nine, I actually like five of them. They still need work, but I like them enough to revise them more, so I can send them out to literary journals next year.

My third goal was to send my poems to ten different literary journals. This was the hardest goal, because I don’t like sending my work out. Rejection hurts, but it’s part of the game, so I sent them out to eleven journals. And guess what, my poems were accepted in four places: Underblong, Lines + Stars, Aunt Chloe, The Journal.

This last goal is the one I struggled with the most, and usually the easiest to do: buying & reading poetry books. I bought seven, but I only read three. I’ll quickly find three more to buy before January gets here, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll read them all.

I’m going to keep these same goals for 2021 and hopefully I’ll hit them. It feels nice to have (mostly) followed through on the goals I set for myself.

Did you set any literary goals for yourself? How’d it go?

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