highly textured librarian

You want me to what?

I gave my first demonstration in my new position as a Technical Services Librarian last week. Reader, I was so shook. The night before the presentation, I slept for maybe three hours, despite going to bed early and taking melatonin. 🥴

I knew that once I agreed to give the demonstration, my anxiety was going to ramp up, but saying no didn’t seem reasonable. I tried to calm myself with the idea that I wouldn’t have been asked to do it if they didn’t think I had the skills to complete the task effectively. That didn’t work though. The only thing that helped was over-preparing and even with that, when it came time to present, my fingers were shaky and I could feel my heart beating. Aaaand my sweat glands were doing too much.

I think it went okay, but I’m so glad it’s over. I’ve been sleeping better and have had less headaches. Public speaking never gets easier, no matter how many times I do it…even if it’s online with my camera off.

4 thoughts on “You want me to what?

  1. I’m glad you survived and I’m sure you did great! I find it so hard to present via Zoom in that weird void of “Am I talking to myself?” – I’ve done a couple classroom “visits” this past year and I can’t decide if I hate it or love it (for all the same reasons LOL)

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