Springshare Presentation on FAQs

I gave an online PowerPoint presentation yesterday on creating FAQs in Springshare for a small group of librarians in Delaware. The presentation was for the field study I’m taking (LBSC 707). One of the projects I’ve worked on for my field study supervisor is testing out Springshare, which will be used exclusively (I think) by March instead of QuestionPoint. Presenting online was a lot less anxiety inducing than speaking in front of live people, but I still prepared a script to help me stay focused. It wasn’t too bad. Actually, it went well, which is good, because it was recorded for the people who weren’t able to attend the staff meeting.

Paul Watson

from blogMLS

My last big assignment for this class is on December 10th, where I will have to do a Poster presentation on my experience with my field study. I’ve never done this type of presentation before, but blogMLS has a few examples that I can use as models.

Keeping Track of What I Read: October

1. Rex Wrecks It! by Ben Clanton (Picture book).

2. And Two Boys Booed by Judith Viorst (Picture book).

3. “Strange Lands” by Roxane Gay (Essay).

4. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami (Novel/audiobook).

5. Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine (Poetry).

6. “Junot Díaz on Fukuoka, Japan’s Next Great Food City” by Junot Díaz (Online article).

7. “Poet Claudia Rankine ruminates on the body politic in ‘Citizen‘” by David Ulin (Online article).

8. “Blackness Visible” by Johnathan Farmer (Online article).

9. I am Jazz! by Jessica Herthel (Picture book).

10. “Black Moon Imagines A Sleepless American Nightmare” by Jason Heller (Book review).

11. Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems (Easy reader).

12. I Broke My Trunk by Mo Willems (Easy reader).

13. “Beyond Category: Unpacking Octavia Butler” by Natalie Russell (Online article).


Database Presentation Assignment


I can’t seem to avoid doing presentations in just about all of my library classes. My User Instruction (LBSC 702) is no exception. We all had to present a database of our choice for ten minutes. I’m glad it’s over with, but the one positive point of doing this assignment is that I got a chance to explore Oxford African American Studies Center’s database. The scenario I presented to the class was of a 9th grade class visiting their high school media specialist for research help for a paper on the writers of the Harlem Renaissance.

No Love

I haven’t given my blog much attention in October. It’s because I’m knee deep in LBSC 702 & 707. There’s something due each week, so I don’t have a lot of free time. I need a day off to catch up on sleep and other fun things.citizen

I have managed to read while I’m on the treadmill getting my Fitbit steps in and I finished reading Claudia Rankine‘s Citizen: An American Lyric. Her book is a finalist for the National Book Award and she certainly has my vote. While I was reading it, I found myself thinking that she totally gets it. She was able to write the thoughts that I have, but am reluctant to say. I hope she wins, not only because I loved it, but so it will be on the radar of many more people. Anyway, if you want to read a piece or two from Citizen, check my Tumblr.