Purging, Trimming, or Weeding

A few weeks ago, The Boston Globe reported that the Boston Public Library would be trimming down their collection. Trimming makes it sound like it’s a small amount of books, but 180,000 isn’t so tiny, perhaps purging is a better word. Of course not everyone is happy at this amount – I noticed that BPL recently blogged about their collection policy to answer questions of those who are concerned about the reduction.

This is on my mind mostly because I’m in the process of weeding the 800s (poetry, plays, and more). Weeding doesn’t bother me. If we were a public archive, it would be an issue, but I don’t mind getting rid of older books that aren’t circulating, especially since we regularly get new books added to the collection that often have updated information.

…but…I did check out a few of the books on the list to keep them in the collection a little longer, plus I made a display of some of them in hopes that they might catch the eye of a patron.


A Digital Library

The public library in Boise is opening a new digital branch in the airport. Of course when I read this, I thought “how awesome would it be if AACPL had a digital branch at BWI.”  BWI is very close to the Linthicum branch, so it’s clearly in Anne Arundel County, and I’m sure it would be beneficial for outreach.

I hope this digital branch is successful – along with the one in Philadelphia – because if it is, I’m sure a lot of other public libraries near airports will follow the wave.


Keeping Track of What I Read: July

1. Takio, Vol. 2 by Brian M. Bendis, Olivia Bendis and Michael Oeming (Graphic novel).

2. “The Library, After” by Shira Lipkin (Poem).

3. “The Curator Speaks in the Department of Dead Languages” by Megan Arkenberg (Poem).

4. The Humans by Matt Haig (Audiobook).

5. Watson and Holmes: A Study in Black by Karl Bollers (Graphic novel).

6. “Lunch with the FT: Junot Díaz,” by John McDermott (Online article).

7. Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea (Picture book).

8. The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara (Picture book).

9. Rat Queens, Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe & Roc Upchurch  (Graphic novel).

10. The Radleys by Matt Haig (Audiobook).

11. Carl Goes to Daycare by Alexandra Day (Picture book).

12. “Why the Beach is a Bummer” by Roxane Gay (Online article).

Seven Bullets and a Bubble

Bullet points, I feel like using bullet points, especially since nothing much is going on in my library world outside of summer reading club.

P.S. I was inside of a bubble.

bubble librarian