Another Semester Begins

I have three classes left to take before I can graduate and this semester I’m taking two of them: User Instruction and Field Study in Library Service. I probably don’t need the field study since I work full-time in a library and I have “two years of continuous professional experience,” but I would still have to take another 3 credit class, so I wouldn’t save any money by applying for the waiver. I’m actually excited about my field study though because I will gain some experience I don’t have in online chat reference. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Keeping Track of What I Read: August

1. Petty Theft by Pascal Girard (Graphic novel).

2. Chloe and the Lion by Mac Barnett & Adam Rex (Picture book).

3. My Teacher is a Monster! by Peter Brown (Picture book).

4. “Girl/Box” by Roxane Gay (Short story).

5. East of West, Vol. 1 by Jonathan Hickman (Graphic novel).

6. I am so Brave! by Stephen Krensky (Picture book).

7. “The Anger in Ferguson” by Jelani Cobb (Online article).

8. “not an elegy for Mike Brown” by Danez Smith (Poem).

9. “Discussing Race & Racism with Your Black Friends: Dos and Don’ts” by Ashley N. Black (Online article).

10. “Ferguson and Patience for the Appalled” by Stacia L. Brown (Online article).

11. “5 Poems From Prelude To Bruise” by Saeed Jones (Poetry/Online article).

12. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (Essay collection).

“Do you have any games?”

A patron came in last week and asked if we had any games on the children’s computers. We don’t, but I suggested the PBS Kids website because I know they have some that are kid friendly. Then i did a little digging to see what else was available online, so if someone else should ask I can give them options. My top five are listed below:

I have to say that Cartoon Network was my favorite site, mostly because of the Teen Titans game.


Purging, Trimming, or Weeding

A few weeks ago, The Boston Globe reported that the Boston Public Library would be trimming down their collection. Trimming makes it sound like it’s a small amount of books, but 180,000 isn’t so tiny, perhaps purging is a better word. Of course not everyone is happy at this amount – I noticed that BPL recently blogged about their collection policy to answer questions of those who are concerned about the reduction.

This is on my mind mostly because I’m in the process of weeding the 800s (poetry, plays, and more). Weeding doesn’t bother me. If we were a public archive, it would be an issue, but I don’t mind getting rid of older books that aren’t circulating, especially since we regularly get new books added to the collection that often have updated information.

…but…I did check out a few of the books on the list to keep them in the collection a little longer, plus I made a display of some of them in hopes that they might catch the eye of a patron.