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Book Bits: Shadowshaper 

Nydia, one of the minor charcters in Shadowshaper is an academic librarian at Columbia University. She helps the protaganist, Sierra, with finding information on a former professor in Cultural Anthropology. Intrigued by her query, she gives Sierra her cell phone number to keep in touch if she has follow up questions on her research.  


I like Sierra and all, but I wouldn’t have given my cell phone number to any library patron to call me about research. Nope. No. Nah. 

Keep in mind, it’s a YA Fantasy book, so I accepted faded murals that cry, chalk figures that can come to life, and haints like it’s a possibility in the real world. But me giving my personal cell phone number to a patron to contact me after work hours? The novel just got fantastical. 😀 

But that’s just me. Perhaps my customer service is not on Nydia’s level. Would you have given up the digits? 

2 thoughts on “Book Bits: Shadowshaper 

  1. Actually, I have given my phone number to a patron who recently got her first iPad and came to me to help her figure it out. But I work for a small-town library, so I already knew the woman and knew she wouldn’t abuse the privilege. I wouldn’t give it to just any patron, though. No way.

  2. LOL! Yes, that reminds me of the movie ‘A Simple Plan’ which is about three people that find a giant bag of money that bank robbers left behind…very complex plot but then there is a scene in the library where the girl is shelving books and she picks them up by the handful and puts them on the shelf!!! Totally blew the realism for me. 😛

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