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Hidden Figures

As a member of the Social Media Committee for my library, I had the opportunity to attend an author event this week. 

Margot Lee Shetterly visited the Linthicum Community branch and packed the room (and the parking lot outside).


It was difficult to tweet and snap the event because I just wanted to listen to her talk about these amazing Black women mathematicians that worked for NASA, but I did manage to capture a few interesting moments.

The best part for me, was when she was talking about Martin Luther King Jr. being a Trekkie and encouraging Nichelle Nichols not to quit the franchise because of what her image as Lt. Uhura meant for the Black community. Shetterly also mentioned a library incident that happened to her when she was nine years old. In an effort to learn about Wall Street and how to have a future job in finance, she went to the library and had a stack of adult books. When she went to check them out, the person checking them out to her admonished her for checking out books for another person. She couldn’t fathom that this young Black girl had a personal interest in the topic. [Insert eyeroll emoji here.] I’m glad that she didn’t let that discourage her interest in investment banking.

I’m not a big fan of nonfiction, but I added Hidden Figures to my hold list and I will watch the movie when it comes out.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Figures

  1. I am so excited for the movie! I have to figure out if I’ll read the book or not since nonfiction isn’t really my thing. I did like the Henrietta Lacks book, though, so I probably just need to get over myself.

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