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Visiting the Fresno County Public Library.

My mom bought a new car when I was visiting during the holiday, and when she went to her credit union to finance the car I spotted the Fig Garden branch of the Fresno County Public Library. I had to go in.


I only intended on observing and feeling the pulse of the library, but then I remembered a few YA titles that I read about so I wound up searching unsuccessfully for those books.


After a quick search through the graphic novels section though, I found Bayou by Jeremy Love and filled out a form to get a temporary library card.


I ended up not really needing to check the book out because I finished reading it before my mom completed the financing documents. Too bad they didn’t have the sequel.


I took note of the amount of staff that was in the library that allowed it to run smoothly: two librarians at the information desk, one library clerk at the checkout area, and two volunteers who were shelving.

6 thoughts on “Visiting the Fresno County Public Library.

    • It was informative. I’d like to do more visits too and actually talk to the librarians about their experiences.

      I’ll tell my mom you said congrats, but she might read it herself because she visits my blog occasionally.

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