highly textured librarian

Highly Textured Librarian: Christian

high•ly tex•tured li•brar•i•an: A person who is a specialist in library work and has curly or kinky hair.

Welcome Christian to Librarian Dreams.

1. What is your signature hair style and how do you achieve it?


I have had natural hair my whole life. My current hair philosophy is K.I.S.S. – Keep It Short and Simple! Two years ago, I cut my almost waist-length hair to a short curly bob and I love it. My signature style is just loose and curly. I wet my hair and apply grapeseed oil from roots to ends. Then I part my hair into sections and apply Smooth n’ Shine Curl Activator Gel to each section. Then I let it air dry. This approach gives me the most defined curls.

2. Which books could give insight on you as a person? Why?


This is a tough one. I’m not sure, because at the moment, I don’t read many books (I know, odd for a librarian). However, I will give a shout out to my favorite poet, Kwame Alexander. I love his poetry, and own two of his books: Dancing Naked on the Floor and Crush: Love Poems. His poems are so smooth and fresh and unique. He really inspires me as a writer and performer. I used to write and perform poetry (and one day will resume), and he will always be a role model for me in developing the craft of poetry.

3. What is your role at the library?


I am a Library Associate II for a public library system. My primary responsibilities are to provide reference and reader’s advisory services, plan and lead programs (such as storytime or computer classes), and assist with collection maintenance (weeding and replacement orders). I am also a MLS student at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. This spring semester, I am interning at an academic health sciences library, where my main project is creating a LibGuide to provide information on health care career options in the state of Maryland.

4. What is your dream library job?


My dream library job would be a position in a health sciences library that incorporates research, teaching, and community outreach. I would want to work with both health professionals and consumers. Also, my ideal job would have weekday hours with no late evenings or weekends.

Want to know more about Christian? You can find her on her personal blog and on her Twitter page.

Are you a highly textured librarian too? If you would like to be featured, send an email to highlytexturedlibrarian AT gmail.com.


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