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Revisiting Poetry Posts

On this first day of National Poetry Month, I’d like to revisit the poetry themed posts I’ve done in previous years.  Are you ready for the list?

  1. Poetry in Ten: Incorrect Merciful Impulses – I used ten quotes from Camille Rankine’s poetry collection to create a book review of sorts.

  2. Summer Reading List: The Poetry Edition – Recommendations of poetry books to read during the summer months.

  3. Finding Love (Poetry) at the Library – Poetry appropriate for lovers and non.

  4. One Chapter, One Poem: Perkins-Valdez, Smith, and Young – A brief review of Kevin Young’s book and a bonus review of Tracy K. Smith’s memoir (which I finished!)

  5. Some Snail Mail – A poetry challenge I gave myself to send you poetry. It still applies for this year if you’re down.


And guess who is coming back to the this area this month?

P.S. I’m keeping a running tally of how many rejections I’m receiving for poetry that I’m sending out. A whopping 5 rejections so far. My goal is to send my work to at least 20 different literary magazines/websites.

5 thoughts on “Revisiting Poetry Posts

  1. Whoops my finger touched send before I finished what I was saying. I love this article! But not as half as much as I love you😘 you are the greatest poet that ever was and is. You need to publish more of your poems. Although you have already been published mommy’s angel more is to come☺️😇 I guarantee that more is to come!

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